Skinny Scrapbook Paper Cup Flowers

These paper cup flowers couldn't be easier and make the perfect gift for Mothers Day. Guaranteed to last longer than a week, your mum will love them.  How To Cut slits around the perimeter of the coffee cup. Pull back each slit to form the petals of the flower. Pierce...

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Because you're dino-mite.

Is there someone in your life who's dino-mite? Then we're here to help you create your very own roarsome card with our super simple steps on how to draw a dinosaur.  Want to receive more free How To Guides and special offers? Sign up to our Skinny Scrapbook newsletter.   

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Skinny Scrapbook #6

Skinny Minnie Masterpieces

We just love it when you send us pics of Skinny Sketcher in action. Go on share your works of art with us. Email your skinny minnie masterpieces to: 

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Skinny Scrapbook #5